We are very excited to be working on our new and updated website coming to you in Spring 2013.  In them meantime feel free to look at the content of these pages and or even pop over and follow Cate's Blog and her Thoughts to Ponder at www.categrace.com

www.20weeks.co.nz starts 28 April 2014.

It saved our lives - will it save yours? 

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Do you want to be fitter, healthier & stronger? 
Do you have goals you want to achieve? 
Do you want to have fun, laughter and be happy along the way?

looking forward to ICAN (do anything) 2014!

Join Leap Fitness & Motivation Ltd today. 

We are ready to inspire & empower you to where you want to be!

Leap Fitness & Motivation offer functional & fun lifestyle plans based on our clients current lifestyle & health needs.  At Leap we pride ourselves on listening, seeing & understanding what our clients want to achieve. 


We follow our Leap2it philosopy of Lifestyle, Exercise, Alone Time & Positivity 2Inspire you and work in the LeapStar Tribe. 

                          ICAN Interactive Group Seminars & Events

Leap2it Personal Training Strength Sessions
Leap2it Personal Training Cardio Sessions
Leap2it Group Training Cardio & Strength Circuits (4 – 12 )

SMaRT – Corporate Training - Stress Management and Relaxing Techniques




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Read Cate's Journey with Arthritis in the Dec 6 2010 edition of the NZ Woman's Weekly.

You can read her story in the Health Section by clicking on the image.   

Thank you to Donna Fleming for a well balanced and fantastic article and to John McCombe for a relaxing photo shoot and wonderful photo.  


What's On

Climb to a Healthier Future

Leap4it! Combo Sessions are here! Would you like to train with like minded people in a small group of 4 - 10, have fun & get fitter, healthier & stronger?  OF COURSE YOU DO!!!! 

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